Welcome back to the Ramblings

Hi guys,

So I happened to look at this page today and realised that my last blog post was July 2015 – not cool.

I’m trying to pin down what exactly it is that makes me go away from this blog and then suddenly come back to it thinking “oh crap it’s been a while.” I’m not bothered about being a blog celebrity and sometimes I think some of my opinions on life should be kept to myself (mainly because they go against the norm of what society deems acceptable, not because they’re racist, sexist or homophobic). So I’m thinking of the following categories to narrow my blog down to:

  • Weight loss – I’m still doing Weight Watchers and I ‘enjoy’ the everyday struggles that go with it and some of the things I do have to put up with are hilarious. However, does this potentially become repetitive?
  • Weddings – even though I’m now married, I could continue to talk about married life and even comment on future friends and family that are getting married. It does mean that I’m also bringing my poor long suffering husband into this blog and I doubt he’d be thrilled at people commenting on our lives.
  • Pick a topic – sometimes I don’t write my blog posts because I don’t know what it is I want to write about. Perhaps if I’m given suggestions on a weekly topic and then I can write a post based on it? I am then replying on other people providing me the subject.

I think the front runner so far is weight loss, but if you could comment below or on my Facebook account or Twitter then that would be great.

Here’s to another year of blogging.

The next chapter

A week ago, mine and Andy’s life took an amazing turn. It was a decision we spent ages talking about and thought long and hard for. It was a change that meant responsibility over other lives, bigger financial impact and it being no longer just the two of us…

Yep, we got cats… (got you there didn’t I?!)

We adopted two wonderful kittens from the Sheffield Cat Shelter and we brought home two wonderful little boys, Edmond (who we renamed Eddie) and Egbert (who we renamed Bertie).

When I went to visit these two wonderful boys at the Shelter, I was aware that Eddie (black and white) didn’t havIMG_0513e a tail but I wasn’t aware of the story behind how he came to lose it. After hearing the story, I felt sick.

The boys came into the Shelter with their mum and their sister. The four of them lived in a wee soaked cardboard box, the wee coming from dog who also lived in the same house as them. The same dog bit Eddie’s tail so hard that it was fractured in multiple places, curling it up like a pigs tail. It would have never healed and had to be amputated. He now has a tiny stump for a tail, hopefully as he hasn’t spent much time having a tail he won’t miss it too much.

All four cats were so ill when they arrived at the shelter, suffering from anaemia (due to flea infestation) and cat flu, their sister died due to being so emancipated and she wasn’t strong enough to fighIMG_0519t it.

When I hear this story my heart bled for them, how the hell could anyone treat any animal so badly??!! Their sister would have survived if it wasn’t for the cruel treatment they suffered under their previous owner. I hope the woman who did this to them is reading this, and I hope you struggle to sleep at night. Shame on you. If you did that to a child you’d be locked up for child abuse, I don’t know if she suffered any punishment for this but I bet the most she got was a fine and a slap on the wrist. To hear a volunteer at the shelter say that they’d never seen kittens in such an appalling state makes my stomach turn.

I’m so happy that they’re now settling (slowly) into our home. Bertie is the leader of the two and is a cheeky chappy, but he’s so protective over his brother. Eddie is a lot more shy and does still run off is certain noises or actions make him jump, but when he’s up for a fuss he loves having his tummy tickled. They both love play fighting and chasing after toys (especially one we have that’s on the end of a stick)

I’m sure more of my blog posts will be dedicated to my babies (so sorry not sorry for that remark) and I’ll keep you updated on how they settle in. But I would like to end this post by saying thank you to the Sheffield Cat Shelter for saving their lives and to the foster carers who helped make them into the cute kittens they are today.

What 1 year of marriage has taught me

At the beginning of this month my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (I know, crazy right?!). This got my thinking about what I’ve learnt during that first year and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

1. People still judge me

One of the main gripes I had during my engagement was people judging me because I was going to be 23 when we tied the knot. Now, at 24, I find that people still have the same issue with me not acting like a noncommittal slut.

When the question about my age does get asked, their response is now to just say ‘oh’ as if I’ve just told them I have some life threatening illness or that I’ve just insulted their mother.

I still wouldn’t change the age I got married at all, it was the right time for me. So why do people feel that they can still criticize my decision? What is going to change now it’s happened? If you’re in the same boat, DON’T let other people’s comments get you down, you’ve chose to make that decision so stick to your guns.

2. Things go very flat after wedding planning

We were planning our wedding for 18 months and it was all over in one day (plus a week if you count the honeymoon). Suddenly we went from spending our evenings and weekends planning to not have a lot to do once we came home from work.

I did feel the ‘twiddle thumb’ moment once the wedding had been over because it did take up a lot of our lives and (luckily) we ended up having to move house soon after the wedding so we did have something else to focus on.

If you are planning on getting married soon, then a great tip is to make sure you have a project to start on once the wedding is over. Or peer pressure your friends into getting married so you can plan all over again (I joke, of course).

3. Changing your name is WEIRD

As mentioned in a previous blog post – I chose to change my surname once I got married. I never imagined how weird it would be once it actually happened once we said ‘I do’.

In the first few months I did have to think every time someone asked for my name, and it would take me a while to twig that someone was calling me by my new surname.

Now, a year on, I’ve gotten used to my new name but I still find it weird being a Mrs. The title doesn’t feel odd because of the age old argument which is ‘oh women are sooo suppressed having to change your title,’ but it’s more that it feels far too grown up!!! But at the same time, there is something that’s nice about being Mr & Mrs (or Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs) because to me, I feel like part of a unit.

4. The first year is a test

The first year of marriage is designed to be a test. Call me crazy if you like, but we both encountered obstacles and challenges which I believe were designed to test how good our relationship is. Your vows are put into action and only the best survive.

I am happy to report that despite illness, stress and a looonnng house move; we passed the test! If times for you are a struggle then don’t give up, you married your other half for a reason.

5. I wouldn’t change it for the world…

My Post Election Reflection

The General Election is over for another 5 years, and one week after the election has finished, I thought I’d take the time to add my views and opinions to what I’ve witnessed over the past few weeks of canvassing, televised debates and a “I didn’t see that one coming” end to the election.

The part of the election that annoyed me the most this year was the canvassing. Mainly because the political leaders of each Party seemed to spend more time telling me why I couldn’t vote for so and so, rather than saying “actually, you should vote for me because…” Politicians, spend more time talking about your own policies rather than ridiculing your opponents.

The social media backing for the General Election helped to show those who are more vocal about the need to vote and pushed a bigger variety of political Party into the limelight. I am very passionate about the need to vote and will shout from the rooftops the importance of voting (the main reason why will be explained later). I did think it was a good idea for sites like Facebook to allow you to add an “I’m voting” status to your profile, though I can see the negative peer pressure that can be attached to these methods.

I do not like it when people don’t vote (sadly my husband is in this camp) as I believe that you cannot moan about taxes, the NHS, education etc if you haven’t at least tried to have your say. I was impressed by the out pour of support and encouragement for people to vote and perhaps we will soon see an increase in the voting population.

After the voting closed and the ballots were counted, I was very surprised that the Conservatives held the majority, I had my bets on another coalition. What did disappoint me the next day was the out pour of negativity. Personally, I’m not happy myself that the Conservatives got in, however I found myself getting annoy with those (especially on social media) who have moaned ever since. You can’t one minute be telling everyone to vote and the next moan that everyone didn’t vote for the party that you wanted to get in. Sadly not everyone has the same political view (I myself vote for the Liberal Democrats and look what happened to them at the election) and for the time being we should accept that the people who actually bothered to vote, voted in the Conservatives.

Sadly, until a Party in power actually decides to change the electoral system, it’ll probably stay this way for a while. And if you do find that you’re not happy and you haven’t voted, well you know what to do next time – VOTE!!

5 things I already love about being a homeowner

Once again, I’ve been neglecting my blog… Never good for a wannabe writer.

However, I have been busy moving house. The mortgage was finally approved, the seller got her act together and Andy and I are finally on the property ladder!!!

Even though I have probably already spent half the time moaning about the new house, I’ve not regretted our decision one bit. Without sounding like a smug ‘look at my with my mortgage’ person, I have listed below my already top 5 things about being a home over and would love to see if anyone else agreed when they got their first property.

1. Redecoration

We’re currently in the process of decorating what was a very bland, boring and beige (well, magnolia, but that’s not good for the alliteration) house. I love that we’re able to add our own stamp onto the property and are no longer restricted by the landlord’s poor taste in decoration. We agreed from the very start that our house was going to be bright, colouring and welcoming.

We are even ripping out the old carpets and have replaced the very 80s looking light shades. It’ll take a bit more saving up before we are able to do the bathroom and kitchen but what’s the point in doing everything at once?

Once we’ve finished phase one of revamping, I will make sure to post some before and after photos just for showing off purposes mainly.

2. Space

We’ve been so lucky in being able to purchase a 3 bedroom house. Whilst it’s currently only the two of us we don’t technically need all three rooms. But why the hell not?

There’s plenty of room for us not to be on top of one another and it’ll be nice being able to say to friends and family “hey, why don’t you just stay over tonight?”

3. Being able to make decisions

The thing I hated most about renting was when the inevitable problem happened with the property. Whilst now if something happens to go wrong I can just call a plumber/electrician/builder to fix it, it used to be; call the landlord, wait at least 2 weeks for a response and when he finally got his act together, he would do sweet f.a. about any issues we raised.

Even though now it’s us who have to pay for any repairs, at least we are now in control of what gets fixed and what doesn’t.

4. Having a garden

We didn’t have a back garden in our flat (for obvious reasons, it was a flat!) and we actually have a proper garden this time round, with grass and everything!!! OK, so it currently looks like a tip and compare to everyone else’s gardens on the road, ours is a bit of a blot on the landscape.

But like with decorating, the garden has so much potential to be AMAZING and I can’t wait to get my hands on it over the summer. I look forward to being able to have a BBQ or 5…

5. The already emerging community spirit

We’ve not even moved in yet but I’m already starting to see a very nice community spirit going on. Every person who we bump into on the road always says hi and stops for a chat. One of our neighbours just puts the bins out for everyone and someone else volunteered and has chopped the trees down at the end of our garden and wanted nothing in return (n.b they are our trees and she did ask first).

I have always loved community spirit and its sad that we don’t have enough of it in Britain any more. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it continues.

No more to add for now, will keep you all posted =)

The commuter’s nightmare

I’ve been in full time employment for nearly two years now and I drive to my place of work every day. Sitting in rush hour traffic gives you far too much time to think, far too much time…

As my blog seems to be dedicated to my various thought processes, this post is dedicated to what annoys me about driving to work every day. I’m sure that a lot of people will read this post and relate my love/hate relationship with other commuters.

The double lane road

An example I will use for this is the main road I drive down to get to work, Abbeydale Road. At one point, the road forks into two sections for commuters to turn right onto Woodseats Road. Now, I fully acknowledge that with this stretch of road you are allowed to drive straight ahead in both lanes. However, when there is a massive queue of people waiting to go through the traffic lights in the left lane, it irritates me so much when drivers nip and go down the right lane. We are all British here, British people are not afraid to queue (whether we grumble about it or not), so poo poo to those people who can’t be bothered to queue for an extra two minutes and instead would rather block up the junction and actually make the waiting time longer!

The bus lane jumpers

Sheffield has a LOT of bus lanes, and many of the main roads in Sheffield will start out as public road, the slowly merge into a bus lane. Another irritating habit that some drivers of Sheffield will have is even though 99% of us have already prepared for the fact that the bus lane is coming and have merged into the other lane there are the 1% who will zoom straight down until right at the last minute and then expect you to just let them into your lane.


This is the same problem with above, that people can’t bare to wait an extra couple of minutes and would rather block up and irritate other ‘well behaved’ motorists. And don’t give me an evil look when I won’t let you into my lane, you’re the one in the wrong, just acknowledge it.

But I want to cross here Pedestrians

Back onto Abbeydale Road again. There are plenty of traffic lights on this road, and yet there are so many people who will try and cross the road in a random place, in busy traffic when there is a crossing literally 5-10 metres down the road from them. And they won’t just do this when the traffic is stationary, I have had to swerve out the way of these stupid people before! What is the point? And don’t give me evil looks when you’re the one in the wrong.

It’s even worse in winter, when driving home at 5 o’clock means that it’s pitch black outside. The ‘but I want to cross here’ pedestrian are now camouflaged by their desire to wear all black clothing.

Please stop this, for your own safety and for my genuine fear that one day I’m going to hit someone =S

Cyclists who ignore the rules of the road

I don’t mind cyclists, no seriously I really don’t. What I do hate about cyclists though is when after they moan about cars not letting them cycle down the road, they then ignore the basic rule of the road – stop when the traffic light is red!!!!!

If you were in a car you’d get pulled over by the police, fined and given penalty points. But for some reason if you are on a bike, it’s perfectly acceptable. If you want to be respected on the road then abide by the rules of the road.

People who speed in 30 zones

You really don’t need to be there in that much of a hurry, it’s 30 for a reason, stop being a dick.

Start the year as I mean to go on


Who invented the month of January?!

I hate January!!!

I can see why they call it the most depressing month of the year, because boy don’t I feel depressed! We all spend most of December celebrating in some form or another which I do love and enjoy. But come January there are no celebrations going on and no one has any money thanks to the 6 week gap between pay days. I also hate how early the sun sets in the evening, making the days feel really short. I don’t know how people cope with living in places like Sweden when it is dark for 20+ hours a day at times, I think I need to go somewhere with hotter weather and a calmer environment.

This month is also ending up being a waiting game for me and Andy. Even though we only got married 8 months ago (but still, where has the time gone?!) we are now in a position where we are buying our first house together! We have had an offer accepted on an amazing 3 bedroom house, but we’re now in the waiting game for everyone else to get their act together.

The thing I am most struggling with with this house sale is the lack of control I have over what is going on. I love knowing where I stand in a situation and if something is going wrong, then I can solve it – simples. But with the house move, everything is out of my control and there is very little I can do about it. With being a first time buyer, there is an added stress of getting our mortgage approved for the first time and when life and technology makes it impossible for things to move on, well, it’s not making me a happy Hannah.

It’s interesting how the media focus so much on how impossible it is for first time buyers to get on the housing market, but from first hand experience, I completely see why it is so hard for first time buyers. For a start, the deposit is a killer, especially when you live in a city like Sheffield, where house prices aren’t exactly cheap. At times, I almost felt pressured to move out of the city I love just to get a cheaper house (but as if I’d leave the Steel City!).

Next, it’s the mortgage companies. I’ve never felt more judged in my life and conscious of how much money I have in my bank account. I’m always paranoid that I’m going to be quizzed on the money I have in my account. And dear God the process for getting this done is soooooo slow!!!

I shouldn’t really start my first post of the year with a moan, but sometimes in life you’ve just gotta get stuff off your chest. I think this year I really need to focus my writing in this blog into a specific subject area. I think this’ll focus my writing skills and hopefully improve my writing skills. I just need to get focus, and try not to spend too much of my time moaning…